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  • FAQ's

    Q. Can I trust you and buy a car with confidence?
    A. We have been selling cars in the area for the last 30 years, and all our cars go through a number of checks. We are a family business and rely on our reputation and our ability to find the very best value cars in the area.

    Q. How can I be sure that the car will be reliable?
    A. There is no way of telling if a vehicle you would like to purchase will never break down, although we can guarantee that we do our utmost to firstly source what we feel is good quality stock, vehicles that look like they have been cared for and had regular servicing, the vehicles then have a preliminary inspection and prepared to the highest standard possible.

    Q. How do I know I am purchasing a genuine car?
    A. Every car that we buy or comes in part exchanged is HPi checked. HPi has many features include, 1 Vehicle ID which confirms the true identity of the vehicle, 2 Plate transfer, which gives us information on any private plates, 3 Security watch, which tells us if a car offered for sale really belongs to a daily rental company, 4 Stolen, information recorded on the Police National Computer determines whether a vehicle has been stolen or not. 5 Finance, which concludes if a vehicle has any outstanding finance. For more information, you can visit www.hpi.co.uk.

    Q. Do you service your cars before they are delivered?
    A. Yes, it does depend on the service history of the car, eg if a vehicle you have chosen is due it’s annual service then it will have a full service, if it has within the last few months undergone servicing it will have a pre-delivery service and a full brakes inspection, this will include the front and rear brakes being examined and either being replaced as necessary or if we are satisfied with their condition they will be cleaned and adjusted accordingly. Cambelts, if not done so already will be replaced, according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

    Q. How long will the MOT be?
    A. Minimum of 6 months, any less than that we will put a new MOT on the car.

    Q. What warranty does the car come with?
    A. 3 months Parts & labor, please see our in-house warranty page, extended warranty is available on request Please take a look at our ‘warranty’ page for more information.

    Q. I have a part exchange would you be interested in it?
    A. Yes, part exchange is always taken in regardless of value, high or low, condition good or bad.

    Q. Once I have found the car I like how much deposit will you need and how would you like the final balance.
    A. Once you have chosen the one you want to buy from us a non-returnable deposit of £200 will be required You can pay us in a variety of methods:- Cash, or Cheque ( please allow 5 working days for clearance), Debit card, or Bankers/building society cheque. Credit card (subject to 1.5% service charge).

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