Car Racing in Brighton,West Sussex

During the last thirty years, Neville Knight has been driven by his passion for cars ever since he was old enough to drive.

He realised that his future was to succeed in motor sport and further more to provide quality vehicles for the public to buy. 

The company has grown over the years by offering a range of affordable quality cars, which selected by Neville sourced from franchised dealers throughout Sussex with genuine mileage's and service history's to give our customers confidence and satisfaction. our in-house warranty will back up our promise to fulfil our commitment.

Recently Neville's son Matt, has joined the company and is partaking in the day to day running in the firm. You can be sure you will get a warm welcome when you visit us in Southwick. If you click on the photos below you will see a brief history of our motor sport activities throughout the years from the 60's to the present time.

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